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KISWAR "Sustainable Tourism" A New Experience

KISWAR "Sustainable Tourism" A New Experience fully supports the principles and philosophy of sustainable and responsible travel in order to offer you a variety and diversified trips to show that it is possible to provide an excellent presentation and quality service through the sustainable Tourism, improving the standard of living of the Quechua and Andean man, creating interaction of the Andean communities and our clients (visitors), with the aim of decrease the levels of poverty and of course protecting the Environment.

KISWAR "A New Experience" is a Sustainable Tour Operator located in the heart of Cusco,"The historic capital of the Inca Empire" - Peru; specifically in Calle San Andres 240 - Oficina 204 / Cusco city, telephone number +51 84 234607 .

Kiswar Travel Company is based in Dream of the common language around the world wiht higher standard of sustainable and responsible travel.


To develop a competitive and sustainable tourist offer, focus in the Responsable Tourism with ethic and professionalism. Guaranteeing the maxim satisfaction to the client and the development of the sustainable tourism, creating in this way an inter-culturalidad among the Tourist and the Andean communities, promoting the conservation and sustainability of the national, cultural and personal wealth.



To be leaders in Sustainable Tourism development, including the participation and the benefit of the local communities, with valuation and respect to the natural, cultural environments and human beings; maintaining essential ecological processes and helping to conserve natural heritage and biodiversity.


We are a team of persons (young professionals), well organized, with just a main goal, to look for Sustainable Tourism development through the benefit of the community across the development of the tourist activity. In this way get to manage to increase the economic and cultural level of the involved local families without altering their traditions and customs.

All of us form a competent and enthusiast team, ready to do from your trip to any of our destinies a unique and unforgettable experience.

We offer to our clients a carefully selection of programs based on selected destinies. Provided our speciality based in the work with the Andean communities, local businesses and in general with local people; we would not suppose any problem offering innovative services, like coexisting and sharing permanently with them, their way of life, their customs, their original and effective agrarian technology, rites, dances, longings and hopes, the vision cosmogonist of their beliefs and of their future.Thus put the emphasis to conserve of the environment.


It is to develop embraces the triple bottom line of environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic health.
It is to look for the Sustainable development of the Andean Communities , through a conscious and dedicated work to the Andean families.
To put in action the Code Of Sustainable Tour Operator as Travel Company.
Promote the sustainable use , by generating income, jobs and business opportunities in all turistic activities and related business networks, and share the benefits of tourism developments equitably with local communities and indigenous people, by obtaining their informed consent and full participation in planning and management of Sustainable tourism businesses.
To improve the standard of living of the Andean man and local people, interacting with the Andean communities across our clients, with the aim of decrease the levels of poverty.
Understand and apply the concepts of Sustainable Development to our life, work, and actions day to day.


We are pawned in developing the sustainable tourism in our country, specially in our region of Cusco, with a personalize attention in each of our services and programs directed to our clients, based in environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic health.

With the development of the sustainable tourism, we seek to revalue the culture in the communities with which we work, promoting the conservation and sustainability, of the national, cultural, natural and personal wealth.

We seek to rescue a way of life, going back to our origins, and to distance it from the pollution; this way to experience a temporary change in our lives joining to our origins.

We will live through a unique experience in which we will share (a direct relation) with the nature and settlers of the communities, taking part in the sowing, the crop, learning the preparation of typical food, drinking the sacred maize drink (Chicha) in the rituals realized in honouring to the mother land, to the coca leaf, to the mountains (Apus).

All these unforgettable moments will be complemented your own longings, feelings, rituals, singings and with the powerful sensation of freedom that will stamp the incomparable by Andean beauty.

We develop the Sustainable tourism with the purpose of achieving the concretion of a responsible tourism with didactic and recreative interest, beneficial for the natural environment and the involved communities.