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Kiswar - kishuar (Buddleja incana – Buddlejaceae )

KISHUAR , is a word in Quechua which is used to appoint an ancient tree that our forefathers gave Incas used medicinally, the leaves are green and two lead and grows in the Andean Puna area between 3500 and 3800 msnm , whose wood is according to the species belonging served to carve the statues of the gods Incas who were burned in sacrifice the celebration of the Inti Raymi, so their wood was hard and white.

It is a plant that lives in company with other species such as intimpa the q'euña, the unca, etc.. scenarios at the National Shrine of Ampay (Abancay).

Development period
This plant reaches its maturity period of 10 years and this is where you can use as indicated above.

Playback System
Reproduction is through pollination.

Simbología andina :
In the era of "kiswar" represented the strength of the family. When a new home was a man and a woman planted a tree near the house so the new home to grow and strengthen as the tree of "kiswar".

Applications in medicine:
Cough and flu-like conditions: Infusion of branches and flowers.
Difficulty in childbirth: Infusion of branches.