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In order to minimize the potentially negative social and environmental impacts of tourism, KISWAR TOUR OPERATOR offers small group adventures that respect local people, cultures and their environment. We use small-scale hotels and employ local guides and operators. This approach to travel ensures that economic benefit goes directly to local businesses and communities and allows interaction with local people and their culture.

Group Size

In order to keep the environmental and negative social impact to a minimum, we operate the majority of our tours with a maximum of 16 passengers, to avoid the mass tourism and its negative impact.


By using local methods of transportation ( buses, trains, bicycles, dugout canoes, ferries and hiking), our travellers experience face-to-face interaction with local people. Whithout forget 'Comfort & Quality Class' tours.


The majority of our hotels are small, locally owned and family operated establishments. We also incorporate community and family home stays wherever possible. This way we are respecting the philosophy to improve and increase the standard of living of local people and their economy.

Local Guides & Operators

By working with local guides and operators, KISWAR “Sustainable Tourism”A New Experience provides economic benefits directly to local people and businesses. Our local guides are experts in flora, fauna, history and culture, and provide our travellers with insight into local knowledge. Guides are fluent in English, Spanish and Quechua (local Language), they work with licensed and / or certified local. In accordance with our belief that a tour leader native to the destination creates a richer experience for the traveler we choose only the most qualified, reputable local guides.

Tour Leaders

Our Tour Leaders receive special training in low-impact travel, regional conservation issues and projects. They are also provided with a Sustainable Travel Manual. Tour Leaders are selected based on their knowledge of, and commitment to, sustainable travel. All Tour Leaders speak both English and Spanish and have First Aid and CPR certification.


While we include meals during camping and in isolated areas, our Tour Leaders are able to recommend locally owned restaurants in all cities and towns. By eating in local restaurants and purchasing food in local markets, our travellers help to support the local economy.