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KISWAR “Sustainable Tourism” A New Experience offer suggestions for low-impact and culturally sensitive travel, through following guidelines:

Stay on the trail
Straying from the trail while hiking can cause erosion and other environmentally harmful impacts.

Respect the wildlife
Viewing animals from a safe distance is fine; touching, feeding, or cornering them is not.

Respect endangered species
Do not buy products that exploit wildlife, aid in habitat destruction, or come from endangered species.

Do not litter
Even if you see a local person littering, set an example and dispose of your garbage appropriately.

Reduce waste
Recycling is extremely limited or non-existent in most developing countries. Avoid products with excess packaging; opt for beverages in glass bottles as they tend to be re-used.

Protect local water systems
Use only biodegradable soaps and shampoos while camping. Avoid sunblock while snorkelling as the chemicals are harmful to the coral reef - wear a T-shirt instead.

Respect cultural differences
Local customs and traditions may be different from our own. Take the time to learn what behaviour is acceptable and what isn't.

Take photos with care
Always ask permission to take photos of people and respect their wishes if they refuse. If you do take a photo, offer to send copies back to them and make sure to follow through with your promise. If your subject wants immediate compensation in return for the photo taken, offering a piece of fruit or bread, or a souvenir from your home are ways to do it.

Learn a few phrases
Take the time to learn about the country you are visiting. Learning about the customs and a few words in the local language can go a long way and is appreciated by the local people. It also makes your interactions more meaningful and memorable.

Giving gifts


KISWAR “Sustainable Tourism” A New Experience highly discourages offering money to people begging on the streets. Parents often send their children out into the streets, since a child can make more than their parents make begging on the street. This promotes further dependency and encourages more parents to send out their children. Instead, we would suggest offering a piece of bread or fruit. Perhaps you could offer postcard from your home, or a small pin etc.

Support Local Artisans

Support local artists and artisans by purchasing locally made goods. Many communities sell handmade crafts that you may purchase while on tour. You may also ask your Tour Leader for recommendations about where to find local markets, stores and cooperatives this way you will be increasing the local economies.